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FAFO 2 - Team Direct Action

FAFO 2 - Team Direct Action

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FAFO 2 - Team direct action

Cost: $550 (range fee included)

Prerequisite classes: Long gun and FAFO 1

Class location: 

Ares Training Facility 

35615 N Treasure Island Ave, Leesburg, FL 34788

Team direct action tactics

Tactical planning and conducting direct action missions to save lives, this includes raids, ambushes, and assaults. You and your team will be switching leadership positions, giving each student a chance to grow outside of their comfort zone. Sometimes you are the chosen one, this class is designed to prepare you for that day.

Equipment list:

- Serviceable AR or AK style rifles 

- Sights properly mounted (medium thread locker on screws). 25 yard zero (if you have a different zero that is fine as long as your rifle is zeroed) (iron sights or red dot recommended)

- Sling mounted on rifle 

- 1,000 rounds of factory new rifle ammunition (bring more if you can)

- 5 magazines for your rifle (if you have more, bring them, magazines break)

- Gun mounted light if you have it

- If you have spare rifles, bring them just in case

- Eye protection (make sure you have clear eye protection for the night shoot)

- Ear protection (electronic ear protection is recommended)

- Weather appropriate clothing, provisions to be outside during the day

- Outdoor footwear

- Bring your sidearm if you carry one, bring it how you carry it. 100-200 rounds of factory new training ammo 

- Hand held flashlight is mandatory

- Camping equipment if you would like to cookout and camp overnight at the range 

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